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Recent Student Awards and Accomplishments

The creative accomplishments of Arts Division students are recognized each year through prominent awards, scholarships, internships, grants, and opportunities. A selection of the more distinguished honors is listed below by year. 


Arts Division - Dissertation Fellowship Awards


Graduate Students:

Lorraine Affourit, HAVC PhD 
     • 2017-18 Visiting Fellow at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies (USMEX) 
     • 2018  Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad (DDRA) fellowship

Gaby Greenlee, HAVC PhD: Linda S. Cordell Memorial Research Award

Alex Johnston, F&DM PhD ('18): Berlinale screening "Evidence of the Evidence"

Kiki Loveday, F&DM PhD: 2017 WCCW residency with /five at The Huntington Library

Michael Lindsey, Music PhD:  2017 Asian Cultural Council - Afghanistan Award 

Daniel Rubin, F&DM PhD: Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program - Philippines

Raed El Rafei, F&DM PhD: UC Berkeley Law School 2018 Human Rights Center Fellowship

Tatiane Santa Rosa, HAVC PhD: Whitney Independent Study Program 2018-201

Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa, F&DM PhD: 2018 SCMS Student Writing Award

Mavis Siu, SocDoc MFA: UC Berkeley Law School 2018 Human Rights Center Fellowship

Kara StoneF&DM PhD: Canada Council & Toronto Council for the Arts Residency Grants



Graduate Students:

Sara Blaylock, HAVC PhD: College Art Association Professional Development Fellowship in Art History

Michael Lindsey, Music PhD: 2016-17 US Fulbright-Nehru Student Research Award

Isabelle Carbonell,  F&DM PhD: 2017 Human Rights Center Fellow at UC Berkeley Law


Gaby GreenleeHAVC PhD: Betty J. Meggers Grant for South America (Americas Research Network) Fellowship

Marc Francis, F&DM PhD: Annette Kuhn Essay Award from SCREEN

Rebecca Ora,  F&DM PhD: 2016-17 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Citizenship Fellow

Daniel Rudin & Abram Stern, F&DM PhD:  2016 Big Ideas @ Berkeley Contest 

Undergraduate Students:

Aubrey Lynn Isaacman, Undergraduate Student, Art and Design: Games and Playable Media: Chancellor's Award for Trash Talk

Stephanie Ethel Howe, Undergraduate Student, HAVC: Chancellor's Award for Blasting Through the City: Combating Feminicide Through Public Art in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Janet Noguera Sanchez, Undergraduate Student, Music, Bachelor of Music Senior Recital, Guitar


Graduate Students:

Samuel Contreras, Graduate Student, Music: Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (UC Berkeley)

Sam Cushman, Graduate Student, Social Documentary: 2016 UCSC Human Right Fellowship, Presenter at the Human Rights Center Conference (UC Berkeley)

Timothy Furstnau, Graduate Student, Digital Arts and New Media: Left Tilt Award

Michael Lindsey, Graduate Student, Music: Fulbright U.S. Student Program (Delhi and Kolkata, India)

Andrea Steves, Graduate Student, Digital Arts and New Media: Left Tilt Award

Undergraduates Students:

Lior Ayalon, Undergraduate Student, Film and Digital Media: Presenter at the Society for Cinema and Studies Undergraduate Conference (University of Colorado)

Jairo Banuelos, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Haley Belenis, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Marisol I. Medina-Cadena, Undergraduate, Film & Digital Media: Arts Dean’s and Chancellor's Award

Jasmine Lee Ehrhardt, Undergraduate Student, Flim and Digital Media: Presenter at the Society for Cinema and Studies Undergraduate Conference (University of Colorado), Arts Dean's Award

Saeli Eshelman, Undergraduate, HAVC: Arts Dean’s Award

Thomas Fallis, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Andrea Furtado, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Emily Graily, Undergraduate, Theater Arts: Arts Dean’s Award

Jesse Huynh, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Jordan Krauss, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Erick Medel, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Jessica Owens, Undergraduate, HAVC: Arts Dean’s and Chancellor's Award

Alexandra Willis-Paulsen, Undergraduate, Film & Digital Media: Arts Dean’s Award

Sarah Ploenzke, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Rachel Smith, Undergraduate Student, Art: Arts Dean’s and Chancellor's  Award, Irwin Scholar

Caetano Santos, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Britany Valdez, Undergraduate, HAVC: Arts Dean’s Award

Luigi Villanueva, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Chloe Yantis, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Jared Scott Zabel, Undergraduate, Film & Digital Media: Arts Dean’s Award

Quest Sky Zeidler, Undergraduate, HAVC: Arts Dean’s Award

2014 - 2015

Seth Andrews, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Haley Bott, Undergraduate, HAVC: Arts Dean’s Award

Austin Carlson, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Nesho Dimov, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Rachel Finn, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Naja Le Fevre Grundtmann, Undergraduate, HAVC: Arts Dean’s Award

Melanya Hamasyan, Undergraduate Student, Art: Arts Dean’s Award, Irwin Scholar

Karina Hernandez, Undergraduate Student, Art: Arts Dean’s Award

Haley Jensen, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Alex Khah, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Cedar Kirwin, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Krystal Ledesma, Undergraduate Student, Film and Digital Media, Arts Dean’s and Chancellor's Award

Karina Monroy, Undergraduate Student, Art: Arts Dean’s and Chancellor's  Award

Regina Ortanez, Undergraduate Student, Film and Digital Media, Arts Dean’s Award

Edward Ramirez, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Dominic Romano, Undergraduate Student, Film and Digital Media: Arts Dean’s and Chancellor's Award

Lily Sorenson, Undergraduate, Theater Arts: Arts Dean’s Award

Maria Montes Tapia, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Anthony Torrano, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Grant Wells, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

2013 - 2014

David Berry, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Will Brady, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar 

Karina Chavarin, Undergraduate, Theater Arts: Arts Dean’s Award

Sam Clevenger, Undergraduate Student, Film and Digital Media: Arts Dean’s Award

Seth Martin Crumrine, Undergraduate Student, Film and Digital Media: Arts Dean’s Award

Maytal Gotesman, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Courtney Hanson, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Eric Harrod, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Jessica Claire Sandler Hersh, Undergraduate,Theater Arts: Arts Dean’s Award

 Sonja Holopainen, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar 

Joshua Hurwitz, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar 

Atara Jaffe, Undergraduate, HAVC: Arts Dean’s Award

Althea James, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Shawheen Keyani, Undergraduate, Arts: Arts Dean’s Award

Jasen Levoy, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar 

Aiden Michael Betts Mckee, Undergraduate, Music: Arts Dean’s Award

Alejandro Santana, Undergraduate Student, Film and Digital Media: Arts Dean’s Award

Lauren Tomicich, Undergraduate, HAVC: Arts Dean’s Award

Amanda Newsum, Undergraduate, Theater Arts: Arts Dean’s Award

Amelia Nommensen, Undergraduate, Theater Arts: Arts Dean’s Award

Elliott Taylor, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar 

Stephanie Toro, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar

Cary Wander, Undergraduate Student, Art: Irwin Scholar