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Arts Division Events & Marketing

"Kick off" promo for your Arts Division event or project as soon as it has been confirmed with your program or department!  Follow these 3 easy steps.

1. Confirm/approve the event or project with departmental management.
Title, date, time, venue, tickets, etc.
2. Submit details on online form (no later than 4 weeks before the event):

3. Provide an image.
Send us a bold, compelling non-copyrighted image to represent your event.
(Instructions in the online form.)

Attend to these 3 steps as soon as you have confirmed the details—typically 10-15 weeks before your event or project launches, and no later than 4 weeks before the event. As soon as you've done that, Arts Marketing staff will connect with you to discuss strategies and determine deadlines.


What do we mean by "Promotion"?

Promotion refers to all communications and outreach efforts that engage and inform a target audience. In the Arts Division, we promote all Arts events and projects by making use of online event listings, social media, regular email newsletters, and more.

What does "Marketing" entail?

Marketing is the systematic planning and implementation of a mix of activities intended to connect people with our events and programs. We work with you to refine language so you can convey the real meaning of your event or project to potential participants. Marketing also includes identifying key audiences or recipients of your message. Who is most likely to want to know about or participate in this event or project? Selective paid advertising can be a component of a marketing plan.

Who is Your "Audience"?

Consider what groups are most likely to be interested in this project or event. How best can we reach them?